Hijama cupping for migraines and headaches
Hijama cupping for migraines in hyderabad

Hijama Cupping for Migrane

Migraines are severe headaches which will be related to nausea, vomiting, numbness or tingling sensation and irritation to light and sound. Migraine may be a neurological condition. Migraines often are genetic, sometimes case history can’t be traced. Migraines can affect all ages but seen more in women.

Migraine treatment in hyderabad headaches are so disabling that an individual browsing the phase withdraws from whatever he or she is doing and prefers isolation. Any disturbance or discomfort during migraine causes immense and even more aggravating symptoms.

Migraine are often explained in 2 broad categories:

Migraine with Aura: The sensations typically occur before a migraine attack; these sensations are often anywhere from 10 to half-hour before an attack. These can include:

Feeling distracted or having trouble thinking, paying attention and processing.
Seeing flashing lights or unusual lines
Tingling sensation or numbness within the face or hands
Feeling or getting a smell, or different taste, or touch
Migraine without Aura: the symptoms occur 1-2 days before the particular attack. a number of these signs are:

Neck stiffness
Frequent yawning
Unusual food cravings


Migraines can’t be treated but a doctor can assist you with management. And with proper management and lifestyle changes the frequency of migraine attacks are often least.

Many OTC (Over the counter) medicines are available for a relief also . The physician or a neurologist can provides a better drug prescription of medicines for migraine.

A holistic approach to migraines is extremely common and helpful at an equivalent time.

Hijama for Migraine in hyderabad & Headache

Cupping therapy reduces the intensity of headaches and migraines and is an efficient method of treatment. Many studies were performed by various study groups, doctors and medical students which concludes that Hijama treatment  contains a very positive and beneficial effect on Migraines. hijama Wet cupping is effective in treating; people that are worried of scars on face can prefer dry cupping too.

Prophet Mohammad has mentioned within the holy Quran that the right time for blood letting should be done on days after the 2nd week of moon days on 17th, 19th, 21st, 23rd are advised as they yield maximum positive results.


Utmost care and safety measures got to be taken while performing Hijama on clients with migraine. Our team of execs taken proper assessment and history to rule out conditions such as: other sorts of headache (e.g., cervical disc hernia, or tension headache), previous head injury or cranial trauma or operation, cervical spondylosis, spondylolisthesis, the onset of headache disorder but 2 years previously, pregnancy, malignancy or brain tumorhistamine headache, psychiatric disorders, suspicion of other headache disorder, cranial neuralgia, history of wet cupping therapy done 12 months prior. it’s also important that the patient gives consent to perform Hijama for treatment of migraines.


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