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Getting Hijamah therapy is a Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) and its benefits have been mentioned in a wide collection of authentic ahadith as well. Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) has his companions performed Hijamah for the treatment of different types of ailments, for body maintenance, and health promotion.

At Wahda Ladies Hijama Centre, we understand how stressful daily life can be, and we know the imminent need to stress-relieving therapies for people from all walks of life. That’s why we believe in the potential of wet cupping, which works as both a detoxifying agent and a stress reliever. You’ve to give wet cupping a try to witness the miraculous effects it leaves on your body.

What you need to know about wet-cupping

Wet-Cupping Therapy also called the Al-hijamah, has a solid medical and scientific base, which has been proven through several studies for many years now. This ancient form of alternative medicine is used extensively to relieve pain in muscles, treat skin inflammation, relaxation, and induce blood flow. There are many pieces of evidence that suggest that cupping therapy can be beneficial for several health conditions. But care should be taken that it is done only by expert hands, and people who have both skills and expertise to complete the process. 

10-Steps to Wet Cupping at Wahda Ladies Hijama Centre?

Step 1: First, the therapist may apply a moderate amount of oil to the relevant area (either olive or black seed oil). 

Step 2: With oiling and light massage, the skin is prepared, thereby adding comfort when the cup is added, and it also improves the seal between the skin and the cup’s mouth. 

Step 3: Multiple cups are applied to the appropriate points, following moderate suction, which causes the skin to redden and rise as the blood vessels expand. 

Step 5: The cup is left at the site for three minutes. 

Step 6: The therapist then removes the cup and makes tiny, light scraps on the skin, which causes the blood to flow.

Step 7: If required, she may do another suction to draw some more blood.

Step 8: With blood, oozes out toxins and harmful substances from the body, and healing follows. 

Step 9: Afterward, she’ll apply antibiotic ointments to prevent infection. 

Step 10: The Skin Will look normal within ten days. 

Why Choose Wahda Ladies Hijama Centre for Wet Cupping?

  • Especially and Only for Ladies: Our Centre is dedicated to serving women who lead the most stressful of lives, and are in dire need of detoxification. 
  • Expert Female Therapist: We understand your need for privacy, and since the center is for women, we only hire expert female therapists. 
  • Leading Name in Hyderabad: We take pride in being one of the leading names in Hyderabad, all thanks to our extensive list of happy clients.

Are you ready for your Cupping Appointment? 

Now that you know cupping sure is a great solution to ease both temporary and chronic conditions, it’s time to give us a call. 

Contact us today and we will discuss with you, how many sessions may benefit you and what you can expect after the treatment.