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Hijama cupping for migraines and headaches

Hijama cupping for migraines and headaches

Hijama Cupping for Migrane Migraines are severe headaches which will be related to nausea, vomiting, numbness or tingling sensation and irritation to light and sound. Migraine may be a neurological condition. Migraines often are genetic, sometimes case history can't...

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Hijama for fertility

Hijama for fertility

Hijama Cupping for infertility Hijama is a process which was practiced by our Prophet (S.A.W) and is his sunnah to get rid of the various disease that was not known at that time. Prophet (S.A.W) provided us with every solution to this world's problems either if it's...

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‘Wahda is an alternative and holistic health centre in Hyderabad. We provides a first class Cupping service in Hyderabad and surrounding areas of Hyderabad. We also provide a range of natural health products and Sunnah remedies. Our practitioners are qualified having over 6+ years of experience in having treated thousands of patients with great success stories. We operate private, modern and hygienic facilities and offer a variety of Cupping therapies in Hyderabad to support you on your journey to better health.’


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