Fire Cupping

 Fire Cupping in hyderabad for ladies

The importance of hijama in the divine guidance can further be stressed by the following words which were related to the Prophet SAW on the night of Israa (ascension to the heaven) by angles: “O Mohammed, order your Ummah (people) with hijama (cupping)”. – Saheeh, Sunan Tirmidhi.

What you need to know about Fire-cupping

Fire Cupping is a therapy that places bamboo or glass or plastic jars on the skin for enhancing blood circulation in that area, relieving pain, and also extracting toxins from the body. This unique therapy done through flammable substances is recommended for patients who suffer from joint pain, muscular pain, respiratory disorders, and also skin related problems. Fire Cupping must be done in complete sanitation and safety and only through proven methods. 

Fire Cupping is Ideal for: 

  • The patient who wish to heal soft tissue injuries 
  • Ladies who wish to reduce inflammation on their skin 
  • People having complaints of pain in the body 
  • For the treatment of cervical spondylosis 
  • For the treatment of facial paralysis 

10-Steps to Fire Cupping at Wahda Ladies Hijama Centre?

Step 1: Your expert therapist at Wahda Ladies Hijama Centre will put a flammable substance in a cup.

Step 2: The cup will remain attached to the surface of the skin due to the vacuum.

Step 3: When the fire puts off, the expert will put the cup upside down on your skin 

Step 4: The air trapped inside the cup cools, creating a vacuum, which causes the skin to redden and rise as the blood vessels expand. 

Step 5: The cup is left at the site for 5 to 10 minutes, encouraging increased blood circulation. 

Step 6: The therapist then removes the cup.

Step 7: The suction, extension tube allows self-therapy for difficult to reach points on the body,

Step 8: With suction, oozes out toxins and harmful substances from the body, and healing follows. 

Step 9: Afterward, olive oil is applied to prevent infection. 

Step 10: The Skin Will look normal within 3 to 5 days. 

Why Choose Wahda Ladies Hijama Centre for Fire Cupping?
  • Especially and Only for Ladies: Our Centre is dedicated to serving women who lead the most stressful of lives, and are in dire need of detoxification. 
  • Hygiene & Sanitation: We take complete care of hygiene and sanitation while performing fire cupping so as to prevent any source of infection or mishap. 
  • Planned Treatment/Session: Our professional therapist, with wide experience, take enough time to understand your body and skin condition and recommend the therapy best suited.
Are you ready for your Cupping Appointment? 

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